Written in three parts,
Let my Voice be Yours will:

1. Expose the Darkness of Domestic Abuse and how to recognise it.
How to recognise the signs, as they are not always obvious
Emily shares her ordeal of abuse and how survival was her only option
Illustrate how unhealed mental suffering creates further struggle in your life.

2. Enable you to help others.

Prepare you with the strength it takes to
help a woman if she confides in you
Give you contact details of support agencies
Allow you access to Emily’s Survival Tool Kit, for you to work through together and make a plan.

3. Equip you with the tools to heal.

Whatever your struggle is right now, the book you have in your hands is exactly what you need. This book will unpack your struggle and teach you an extremely powerful technique to heal your emotional wounds and boost your self-worth. Claim back your power and be the strong, confident woman you were meant to be.

Let my Voice be Yours provides women with the tools they need to rescue themselves - because no one else can.

 My Message To You

No one wants to be a victim statistic, so don’t leave it too late. Let’s stop this happening behind closed doors: tell someone today.

You can do this. Even if you think there is no one there to help you, they are there, in the shadows, waiting for you to see them.

I didn’t tell anyone. I left the relationship with no one to turn to, no one to help. So, no one came when I needed them most.

If I could change one thing, or only give you one piece of advice – it’s this: TELL SOMEONE.


Next Steps...

My book can help you plan your escape